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Buff, Polish & Wax


We do buffing, polishing and waxing of boats. Our buffing involves removing oxidation or clouding and minor scratches leaving the body with a new color brightness and shine. Our polishing adds to the shine which adds to the glassy look and our waxing leaves the body of the boat with a protective later, protecting from algae, scratches and other substances as well as adds to the shine as well. 

Decal/Sticker removals


We also do decal or sticker removals. We use safe effective methods to remove or replace your decals. 

Interior & Exterior  Detailing


We perform interior and exterior detailing. We don't just wash, we detail and get all the detail! We use high quality specialty products to get the job done. This detailing includes many services from interior mold removal all the way to exterior removal of the gum line at the bottom of the boat using acid remover if deemed necessary and safe. 

We  offer so much more! such as  boat storage and shrink wrapping. Call us today to find  out how we can help you!

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